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About Break-Fest 2018, West Yorkshire

Help Appeal

Aug 22, 2013

Break-fest appeals for help
First of all can we say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has responded so warmly to the Break-fest launch. Your words of support have been taken to heart and keep us going here at Break-fest Central.

In case you’re wondering, Break-fest Central currently consists of Jeannie (esteemed leader), Pempi (PR/ Comms), Dave 1 (music) and Dave 2 (bar). A small but perfectly formed team trying to lay on, especially for you, a good event for a good cause.

Let’s cut to the chase at this point – we could really do with some help. At times, it’s like juggling with hundreds-of-thousands! So, whether you have a few hours on the day, or you can lend a hand with some of the organisation, your help would be……..oh, just fantastic !

On the organisational front we need someone to take control of a ‘Bring and Buy’ stall. We’ll be asking folk to donate decent stuff we can sell on the day – do you have that Del-boy streak to take on preparations for that ?
And on the day we are looking specifically for help with
  • Cooking

  • Table clearing

  • Door minding

  • Stall minding

  • General cleaning

  • Setting and clearing up the room.

If you can spare even one hour, maybe after you’ve had your breakfast, this would be extremely helpful.

Can you volunteer ? If so, please email this address ( or phone Jeannie on 07939 563 538. We’re handing out free hugs for the first 500 helpers, so don’t delay.  Break-fest needs you. Especially if you’re called Dave.